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Get Involved

Host a Team.

RP Missions is committed to serving Christ through His institution of the Church.

We organize Christian short-term mission trips. If your congregation has need of extra laborers to come and volunteer their hands, feet and voices to aid in the work of outreach and discipleship, please contact us. To help us assemble a team that is well suited to meet your congregation's evangelism and discipleship needs, we have prepared a brief Host Congregation Form. Hosting an RP Missions team is not only an opportunity for your congregation to benefit from in influx of energy and service, but also an opportunity for you and your congregation to be active in mentoring the next generation of Christian laborers. As you contemplate what a team might do to serve the church and reach the surrounding community, also give thought to the ways you could invest in those who would donate their time to come and labor alongside you. If you would like to learn more about how mission teams have been used elsewhere, please visit our resource page for host congregations.

Pray for a Team.

One of the most critical ingredients to a successful mission effort is prayer.

Every team member benefits from those remaining behind who will faithfully uphold daily the team in prayer. Every host congregation benefits from the loving prayer support of God’s people around the world, as the congregation ministers in that corner of His kingdom. If you would like to uphold the work of RP Missions as it seeks to serve Christ in North America and throughout the world, please email us at and ask to be added to our prayer e-mail list.

Want to Donate?

If you're interested in supporting RP Missions financially, we describe the various methods available on our donation page.