Mission Trips

Cincinnati, OH

August 1-14, 2018

vbs, survey, publicity, outreach, evangelism, encouragment, door-to-door, conventicle, church-planting

6 positions open

Team Size: 4-6 people
Age Range: 16 to 25
Cost: $700 USD plus travel
Flight Information:

Participants will fly into the Cincinnati International Airport to arrive on the start date listed and depart on the end date listed above.

Explore the challenges and the opportunities that exist in ministry in the suburbs of Cincinnati.


*Sermons by Pastor Richard Knodel

The Southwest Ohio Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship is a fairly new church planting work presently meeting in West Chester, Ohio. Several of the members active in laboring to see a church established are themselves former RP Mission team members that now find themselves and their families living in an area in need of Christian outreach.

This opportunity will allow you the opportunity to see how former short-term missionaries have taken the lessons they learned earlier in life while working with RP Missions and are now applying those lessons in very practical ways for the glory of Christ and the extension of His Church. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the practical ways that God can use your experience in short-term missions to help you realize the place He is preparing for you and hopefully also to inspire within you a vision for yourself being used of Him in the future to see other churches planted and strengthened.

The church you will be working with is very small, on average there are 20-25 presently making up the membership of this church plant effort. One of the challenges that small churches have is that they each carry many responsibilities in support of the work and at times are just too overwhelmed to take advantage of all the opportunities that are before them. This is where you come in! You will add additional skills and energy to the group and through the team’s efforts you can multiply the witness of this church in its community while also providing much appreciated encouragement to the saints.

With your help and the aid of an RP Mission team, this host congregation would like to hold a Vacation Bible School and a family outreach event, distribute literature, street preach and sing Psalms in public places. We would also consider hosting a second Scottish conventicle reenactment. We also would enjoy time learning some new Psalm tunes as a congregation.

If you’d like to lend a hand of support to this church planting effort, this shorter trip is ideal for young people and for professionals that would like to use a part of their vacation time to serve Christ and His Church.

Want to Apply?

Our work begins with finding people excited about serving others and proclaiming the word of God. The opportunity to serve with RP Missions is a growing experience as well as a service. If you're interested in proclaiming Him, growing in Christ and serving others, please consider learning more about the application process.