Mission Trips

Karamoja, Uganda

  • Build relationships with local villagers and share the gospel

  • Invest your time in mentoring and discipling the next generation in Uganda.

  • Experience another culture and see the transformational effect of the gospel.

  • Ugandan marketplace

  • Team members actively help out at the Christian school

  • Inside a Ugandan schoolroom

  • Bible storying and Scripture memorization in Uganda

  • Village gate in Uganda

  • Another glimpse of schooling efforts in Uganda

May 29 depart US and return on June 30, 2018; 6 Persons Needed

well-drilling, village, vbs, remote, outreach, medical, gospel, construction, compound, agriculture

6 positions open

Team Size: 4-6 people
Age Range: 18 to 25
Cost: $1800 USD plus travel
Flight Information:

Team members will fly into Entebbe, Uganda and get their tourist visa at the airport. Plan to arrive in the airport on the start date listed and to depart from the airport on the end date listed. Due to changing schedules, please confirm dates before purchasing tickets.


"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!" (Psalm 133:1 NASB)


*Talk by Pastor Al Tricarico about work in Uganda

Participants on this mission trip will be laboring among the Karamajong villages in the northeast of Uganda. Outreach efforts include Bible storying in the villages, aiding in the development of sustainable agricultural practices, providing medical care, and encouraging the local missionaries.

RP Missions is always excited to have opportunity to partner with our brothers and sisters from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and we are thankful for this opportunity to labor with some pretty amazing missionaries in a more remote corner of Christ’s Kingdom.

Team members will need to be able to be a part of this trip for its full duration. This mission will take place in a much more remote area of the world than other trips listed on this page, and those who would go should have had cross-cultural mission experience in the past and must demonstrate maturity in the faith and be prepared to operate in an area without all the creature comforts we enjoy here.

If you like teaching and working with young people, you can expect to help with week-long Bible programs in local villages as well as helping with ongoing programs with Bible instruction and literacy in the local schools (in English and Karamojong) and sometimes you might also help with the science/nature component of the curriculum.

Others may help with the ongoing Clinic outreach which includes health education and Gospel presentations. If you are a skilled artist that can help with the visual aids for the Bible storying or if you are musically gifted and can help with the singing of simple Gospel songs in English, or can play the guitar, the missionaries may be able to use you in the villages and schools, and other outreach efforts to reach people.

In 2018, there are particular skillsets that the missionaries are looking for to help comprise this team. If you have any of these gifts and an interest in laboring for Christ in Uganda, please apply!

  • Medical Personnel - RP Missions has fielded nurses and doctors following their residency, medical students and other health professionals over the years. When you apply please do be sure to mention your certifications and specialities.
  • Pastor or Seminary student - The missionaries would like to have a theologically trained individual come and lend a hand this summer with various teaching, preaching, and discipleship efforts.
  • Farmers or Horticulturalists (2-3 people) - Many people in the area are just barely able to cultivate the ground to allow more than mere survival. The mission has and continues to seek ways of teaching agricultural practices and identify crops that will benefit the health of those they are reaching with the gospel of Christ.
  • Construction Workers (2-3 people) - If you have experience in construction, welding, electrical or another area of building expertise, there are always needs that arise on the field that could use your help and skills.

In addition to those labors, you will also get a chance to enjoy some beautiful hikes to some of the outreach areas.

For those who are interested in sports and perhaps skilled in soccer, the mission is considering some kind of soccer-related outreach to be held this summer. This would include a type of vacation Bible school program with simple devotions and activities for young people. The World Cup was held in South Africa recently so there is a growing interest in soccer and this may provide opportunities to reach others with the gospel.

There is also always a need for participants with construction skills. The missionaries could use people who are skilled mechanics to help with their automobiles or perhaps even to help fix bicycles.

If you have computer skills and IT skills, the missionaries do have several jobs that could use your attention and skills this summer.

There are a number of missionary kids on the compound and the missionaries are also eager to have help with the schooling of the MKs especially if you are gifted in math or science.

If you enjoy cooking and developing meals, the missionaries are eager to try to formulate some nutritious types of meals that the local people can make with what they grow and figure out some ways of cooking that uses less firewood or other fuel (ex. like using solar ovens or mud stoves).

Lastly, the missionaries could use those with an interest in agriculture and/or appropriate technologies like solar and wind power, plus water well drilling.

As you can see here, the opportunities abound and the needs are great. If you would like to be part of this mission, I would encourage you to apply soon. Time is needed to secure the necessary visas, vaccinations and to prepare oneself for this mission of a lifetime.

To be a part of this particular RP Missions trip, the following forms must be completed: (NOTE: These are unique to this particular mission location and not identical to our standard application and supporting forms due to the rugged and remote nature of this mission trip.)

Participants will need to plan to spend time in the spring preparing for this mission and will be expected to be in contact with their team leader on a weekly basis as they prepare.

To hear a couple of sermons by Pastor Al Tricarico.


Want to Apply?

Our work begins with finding people excited about serving others and proclaiming the word of God. The opportunity to serve with RP Missions is a growing experience as well as a service. If you're interested in proclaiming Him, growing in Christ and serving others, please consider learning more about the application process.