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Pittsburgh, PA

  • Pittsburgh Skyline

July 7 - August 7, 2017

vbs, urban, ministry, inner-city, housing, evangelism, community

35 positions open

Team Size: 4 to 35 people
Age Range: 15+
Cost: $800 USD for the entire 4 week trip, plus travel
Flight Information:

Team members will fly into the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) planning to arrive on the start date listed for this trip and departing on the last date listed for this trip.

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Many people tend to shy away from outreach efforts. One of Satan's greatest tools to keep the church from its duties of outreach is to stir up fear in the hearts of God's people.


This mission team will labor for Christ in the heart of the inner-city of Pittsburgh.

You will aid the local congregation with outreach to community children, engage in door-to-door ministry, provide help with community clean-up efforts and will aid with a Christian Housing project. Be a part of this trip to see Christ glorified in an area of His Kingdom that is ripe for harvest!

The local church leadership will invest their time and talents to train you for outreach in the community. You will be trained using a modified Evangelism Explosion curriculum and will spend many hours out in the inner city of Pittsburgh (Wilkinsburg) taking the most precious word of God to those in need. You will also help with an inner city youth club and may help this local congregation to clean up some empty lots for community use and recreation as a means of improving the area. In recent years the local community government has gifted several abandoned properties to the host church for renovation and utilization as part of their Christian Housing ministry. A property was recently obtained by the church and the church is looking for men and women who might lend a hand to helping remodel it. If you or someone you know has skills in construction/remodeling please encourage them to be part of this trip!

If you would like to overcome your fears of outreach, if you would like to grow in your boldness of proclaiming the gospel, this is a GREAT trip for you! Please apply before May 15, 2017.

Want to Apply?

Our work begins with finding people excited about serving others and proclaiming the word of God. The opportunity to serve with RP Missions is a growing experience as well as a service. If you're interested in proclaiming Him, growing in Christ and serving others, please consider learning more about the application process.