Mission Trips

Taipei, Taiwan

July 5 - July 30, 2018 - 6 Persons Needed

vbs, translation, outreach, mentoring, gospel, evangelism, english camp, discipleship, chinese language study

6 positions open

Team Size: 4-6 people
Age Range: Ages 18-26
Cost: $1800 USD plus travel
Flight Information:

Participants will fly into the Taipei International Airport on the start date listed and depart on the end date listed for this trip.

This trip is for those who are considering long term ministry among the Chinese, whether in the US or overseas.


Description of aim and purpose of this mission team:

Spending four weeks in Taiwan will be a valuable time to begin to learn Chinese, as well as to learn about Chinese Culture and the Chinese Church. The trip will involve both classroom learning and firsthand experience of what it means to do mission work. This trip is more for you to learn and experience missions than it is for you to “do something”.

In the mornings we will have beginning Chinese classes. The content will be similar to a one term college course in Chinese. The afternoons will be mostly free to spend time with people you meet and to get to know Taipei City. The evenings will be a mixture of street evangelism and fellowship groups. The evangelism will be low key. The aim will be to meet people and invite them to either a fellowship group (at a Reformed Church) or to talk about Christianity (in English with you). There will also be other activities. We will visit one or two of our church plants; attend our Denomination’s Junior and Senior High 4 day summer conference; and help in any way that is needed.

  • Start date: Wednesday, July 5 - (arriving June 23)
  • End date: Wednesday, July 30 – (arriving in US same day)
  • Minimum # of Participants: 4
  • Maximum # of Participants: 8
  • Application Cutoff Date: March 30

It will be hot in Taiwan, both in the day (90 degrees) and the night (80 degrees). The bedding situation is uncertain, so it would be best to bring a light weight sheet or a very light weight sleeping bag. We will provide a pillow. Members might bring a light weight jacket, but they may never use it. Everything else can be purchased here – mosquito repellant, etc.

Want to Apply?

Our work begins with finding people excited about serving others and proclaiming the word of God. The opportunity to serve with RP Missions is a growing experience as well as a service. If you're interested in proclaiming Him, growing in Christ and serving others, please consider learning more about the application process.