Mission Trips

Tent-Making Opportunities in Japan

based on availability

work, tesol, tent-making, post-college, outreach, gospel, evangelism, cross-cultural, christian
Team Size: 1-2
Age Range: 21 and up
Cost: TBD
Flight Information:

Participants would likely fly into Kansai Airport.

The gospel needs are great in the nation of Japan, perhaps you might pursue a longer-term approach toward being a witness of Christ in that place?


RP Missions sends out short-term mission teams each year to labor alongside some wonderful congregations around Kobe, Japan. Our participants often return with great love for the people of Japan and a greater appreciation for the scope of the work yet to be done in this strategic place. Since the churches tend to be very small, the likelihood of finding paid ministry positions is often very small, so another way of providing support to the ongoing work of Christ’s churches in Japan is by relocating and establishing oneself in a “tent-making” (finding employment that can cover your living expenses) and joining with a local congregation to accentuate their efforts to reach their neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ. One area of possible employment is to Teach English as a Second Language (TESOL). Others have been able to find jobs in their majors and have moved back to Japan to labor as researchers or engineers (often helped by some measure of Japanese language capabilities). To the left you will see a link to a website that often posts job openings and you can look in the Kobe and Sendai areas of Japan. (Kinki and Tohoku Districts)

Want to Apply?

Our work begins with finding people excited about serving others and proclaiming the word of God. The opportunity to serve with RP Missions is a growing experience as well as a service. If you're interested in proclaiming Him, growing in Christ and serving others, please consider learning more about the application process.